Restoration Counseling of Rochester, pllc. 

Life Coaching

Do you have something 'blocking' you from getting to the next level?
Does your company have a specific issue they want to tackle?

I have the experience required to move you to a place marked by
fulfillment, creativity, boldness & possibility!

Life Coaching:
For those with specific and/or time limited issues they wish to work on, life coach services are also available in the areas listed below.  The same rates for services apply, although these sessions may be delivered electronically (i.e., Skype, Facetime) or by phone in addition to a face to face meeting.

  • Business Coach (including small business coaching)
  • Career Coach
  • Christian Life Coach
  • Dating Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Leadership Development Coach
  • Personal Life Coach

Coaching or Counseling?
Below is a brief description of both services for those who are trying to decide
whether they should pursue counseling or life coaching.  It's not a matter of one
being better than the other, but choosing the one that best fits your present
circumstance, needs and goals.

In general, counseling deals with something that's wrong., for example, emotional
problems such as anxiety, depression, relational issues or a traumatic life circumstance. 
Counseling is focused primarily on healing and recovery and may involve looking at
the past and how it affects the present.  If your primary need is for emotional healing
or to get through a time of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused or very anxious,
counseling is probably your best option.

With life coaching, while there may be certain issues that are blocking an individual's
forward progress, the starting place is not with a presenting issue, but rather a goal or
vision for the future, or a desire to improve one's life.  Coaching is primarily future focused,
time limited, and proactive. 

Life coaching often involves setting goals and taking action; it can be an excellent way for individuals to get focused and increase momentum toward a goal they have already been pursuing. Coaching can also be a great way for people to define their values, identify their strengths, and increase their creativity.  If your present focus is to develop strategies that can help you achieve a more balanced and/or better quality of life, life coaching is probably for you.

The best part is, I can provide both services, so you don't have to choose!  While some people enter into a therapeutic process knowing their exact goals and future desires, many clients start with a more traditional approach and make a counseling appointment to deal with one or more life issues.  However, as these issues resolve and the individual has more energy and momentum, the focus may shift towards the future and how to maintain these gains and achieve new goals!

If you would like to talk about the specific issue(s) you, or someone you care about, is struggling with please contact me. 
Overall, I believe I have a compassionate, but firm approach to mental health counseling and life coaching. 
I have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals and go on to lead lives that are marked by happiness & personal contentment. 
I do not believe in therapy that lasts indefinitely but will work with you to make a plan that will work for your specific situation.