Restoration Counseling of Rochester, pllc. 

Overview of Services Offered

Client Testimonial:
The first time I ever met with Joyce, she gave me homework.  Needless to say, I despise homework.

When the dust settled, I sat thinking about the homework assignment Joyce had given me. Simply enough, my assignment was to sit for 30 minutes. Just……….sit. No people, no tv, no phone, no plans, no dreams, no thoughts - nothing. I tried everyday, but only ever lasted 2-3 seconds.

Calling the assignment suitable would be an understatement considering I haven't met with Joyce in 4-5 years, and still find myself working on my assignment periodically.

But, that's what Joyce does. She recognizes little things buried deep in people and recommends strategies to access them and gain clarity. For me, it was my inability to simply exist. I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

As a therapist, Joyce has a special way of interacting with clients. She guides without pushing or steering. Personal change is the most difficult task many of us may ever undertake. For me, the safe place Joyce represented allowed me to explore things about myself I didn't like..  As a result, I made lasting adjustments.  They lasted because they were mine, but they wouldn't have happened at all if it weren't for Joyce. 

Are you struggling with issues or trauma from your past?
Are you longing for a life filled with meaning and purpose?

Many people who are looking for counseling or life coaching have a variety of questions including:

What is mental health?
Is there hope?  Solutions?  Healing?
Will I be heard?  Understood?  Accepted?  Supported?
Can I continue to grow?  Change?  Achieve?  Excel?

These are great questions and my hope is that you will find some answers on this site.  For specific information about counseling and life coaching please click on the Services tab located above.  Once you know a little more about me, I hope you will consider my services.