"Joyce is a very caring individual who honestly connects with others' needs and helps them make necessary changes to improve the quality of their life.  She has the ability to lead a person through a crisis and bring about a positive result.  I like her complete attention, concern, and focus on my issues and the direction she gives that helps me overcome my problems and work toward a better quality of life.  I like the fact that Joyce has 'been there'.  She's not one of those counselors who puts on airs of being better than you and she is willing to be vulnerable and transparent enough to share some of her own experience in order to help you with your issues."

" I was extremely impressed with Joyce's services, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with her. She is professional, friendly, understanding, and knows what to say and when to say it. She was very familiar with my issues, and her experience shows." 

About You

Once you know a little more about me, I also hope you will consider my services.  When working with clients, I specifically try to help them reach the following goals:

  • Development of a more integrated sense of self,
  • Experience increased individual meaning and purpose for their lives,
  • Development of respectful and enduring relationships with others,
  • Experience restoration, so they can live their life to the fullest potential.

When you are ready to take the next step I encourage you to call and ask any questions you may have - it's the best way to determine whether I could be a good fit for your particular situation.  Whatever happens, you'll likely get some valuable information... and perhaps be on your way to a life marked by personal contentment, rewarding relationships and authenticity!

About Joyce

 Restoration Counseling of Rochester, pllc. 

Professionally, I am a trained counselor educator (Ph.D.) & licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-R) with sixteen years of clinical experience. You may also want to know I am a Christian and will incorporate spiritual beliefs with those clients who feel this would be helpful.  I believe in maintaining a healthy sense of humor and do my best to achieve a good work life balance.  Overall, I strive to live out these three core values:

  • Integrity - a life characterized by character & transparency

  • Authenticity - being genuine, real & honest with myself & others
  • Compassion - a true display of empathy & mercy towards others

Not that I do any of the above perfectly (by any means), but I do try to put into practice many of the principles I talk with others about.

In addition to counseling individuals and families I am also involved with the following:

  • Providing clinical supervision for licensed therapists & master/doctoral level students
  • Speaking at conferences, workshops and other addresses locally & nationally
  • Delivering psychological consultation services for non-for-profit agencies & educational institutions
  • Teaching at the undergraduate, graduate & doctoral levels
  • Writing publications including peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters & book reviews

Counseling Philosophy:
Therapeutically I borrow from several different schools of thought.  When doing psychotherapy I tend to work from a perspective that includes practical skills (such as are found within the realm of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) and believe many people can find relief of their symptoms within a brief time frame. I also firmly believe each person has multiple strengths and that experiencing a truly therapeutic relationship is an important factor in causing lasting changes. Some of my core therapeutic beliefs include the following:

  • Individuals are part of systems (family, work, church) & what we do (or don't do) affects these systems (Bowen, Satir),
  • Individuals are faced with critical tasks at key periods in their life (Erikson, Kohlberg),
  • Individuals are free to make choices, but must temper this freedom with personal responsibility (Frankl, Yalom),
  • Individuals are responsible for their own thoughts, feelings & actions (Adler, Glasser),
  • Individuals are shaped both by their past as well as who they desire to become in the future (Jung),
  • Individuals are also shaped tremendously by their social & cultural environment (Adler, White),
  • Individuals have meaning, no matter what their circumstances may be (Frankl, Kierkegaard),
  • Individuals will have a better life (marked by greater contentment with self & others) if they can learn to fully appreciate & live life in the present moment (Linehan, Perls),
  • Individuals will make mistakes but can learn to correct these, and regardless, can learn to love themselves (Ellis),
  • Individuals will experience therapeutic change if they have someone in their life who is fully present genuine, and truly empathic (Nouwen, Rogers, Yalom).

2014           M.S., Higher Education Administration, University of Rochester
2008          Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision: Regent University
2000          M.S.W., Social Work: Roberts Wesleyan College
1992            B.A., Communication Arts: Roberts Wesleyan College

Licenses, Certifications & Trainings:

2012             Licensed Clinical Social Worker "R" (Reimbursement) Privilege
2012             Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)
2011              Eye Movement Desensitization and  Reprocessing (EMDR) - Level 1 & 2
2010             DBT Skills Training and Behavioral Analysis for the Therapist
2008            L.C.S.W., (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) New York State (#076370)
2004            Critical Incident Stress Management Level One Training Certified
2000            Disaster Mental Health Training Certified (Red Cross)